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The Tight Aggressive Approach to No Limit Texas Hold'em

While many successful no-limit Texas hold’em players today employ a variety of different styles, the most solid form of play has long been considered the tight aggressive style. While trying to find the mode of play that most suits you, it’s not a bad idea to emulate the tight aggressive approach. Many rakeback grinders who make a living of playing poker use this strategy.

What is the Tight Aggressive Approach?

A tight aggressive player is one who generally enters pots only with premium hands, but when he does play, he plays aggressively. He will have a wider range of hands in late position than in early position and every once in awhile will play an unusual hand, but even these hands will have some value, like a suited connector or ace with a baby kicker. There are many crazy players at the poker sites today, but you will never see this player enter a pot with 9 5 offsuit.

What are the Advantages to a Tight Aggressive Approach?

A good tight aggressive Texas Holdem player will win every big pot he enters (or at least most of them). He’s not going to mix it up without a strong hand and he won’t put all his chips in the middle unless he has a monster or he smells huge weakness in his opponent. He’s the type of player who can win consistently.

What are the Disadvantages to a Tight Aggressive Approach?

This type of player is going to leave some money on the table. He won’t have as many opportunities to sneak into a pot with a disguised monster hand and stack an unsuspecting opponent. When he bets strongly, a savvy opponent is usually going to go away and wait for a better spot, denying him some action. A smart loose aggressive player will probably be able to steal a few pots from him.

Should You Play a Tight Aggressive Game?

If you can play it well, a tight aggressive game is a great style of play. However, the style requires a lot of discipline. You need to be able to make great laydowns and great reads. If you can do that, you can be very successful playing tight aggressive Texas hold’em.

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